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In restoration, Freddie Spencer's 1985 Daytona Winning VF750 Superbike

ND6 Works Motor, 1985 was the first year the Superbikes raced for 200 miles, not only did Freddie win the Superbike race but also the 250 and the 500 races. This will should be up and running by mid 08.

A few pieces of Freddie's bike before being assembled
This was Scott Russell's 1991 Muzzy ZX7R 750 Supersport Winning Machine


Scott won every 750 supersport race in 91, no one has achived this record since.
The motor is currently getting a rebuild.
This is the very first VF sport bike built in 1982 on a development level, it was known at the time as Blackbird.

Built in 1982 which Honda's racing core was in transformation from RSC Racing Service Center which started in the mid sixties to HRC Honda Racing Corporation.

This prototype incorporates parts from both RSC and HRC. The frames has extra spars and has different rear support for the suspension than the production unit of 1983. The swingarm is cast thinner requiring the bottom brace to stiffen the unit. You can see the long header which stick's out beyond the back of the bike, HRC was trying to keep the front end rear headers the same length.

The engine is a NC5 kit HRC motor complete with dry clutch, titanium rods and valves, magnesium covers, mag ignition, magnesium Keihin carb's.

Johnny Bettencourt's 1977 Yoshimura East 944cc GS750, Johnny won the 1978 AMA Loudon National on this bike.
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