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WERA Vintage Racer VF750 HRC Kitted Motor
A Couple 83 ELR's and the 68 Galaxy
1983 Team Ontario Endurance Racer
Kaz Yoshima built racer
1140cc Sandcast Cylinder, Dry Sump, Dry Clutch
Having fun durning practice 1984
My first race bike at Loudon 1983

1982 Roberto Pietri RS1000 Factory Superbike
Krober Ignition, Belt Driven
Chromoly Frame, Showa 41.3 Front End

Johnny Bettencourt VF
Johnny B, Loudon 1985
Before the restoration of the HRC kitted VF
After restoration

1990 Freddie Spencer RC30
This was Craig Erion's street bike in 89
Freddie at one of the races in 90
Front end was of a 1986 VFR, NW6 Works Forks
This bike was concided Freddie's come back machine

1984 Bubba Shobert's HRC VF750
Unsure who rode this in 83 before it was Bubba's
NC5 41.3 Showa Kit Front End
NC5 Rear Set's
NC5 Catch Tank
Kit NC5 Rear Showa Shock
Nissin Calipers with Anti Dive
NC5 HRC Linkage

1982 S1 Replica Street Bike
This was a winter project that I built because I had a front S1 wheel kicking around

1983 Muzzy Built GPZ 750
This bike was built by Muzzy for Cycle Magazine, it had many trick parts including a four plug sandcast head
KR500 Caliper and rotor
KR500 Toyiko made Calipers and Rotors, S1 forks

1979 Honda RS1000 Works Endurance Racer
Magnesium Carbs
6 Speed Gear Box

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